My Name is David Thomas and I create beautiful bathroom furniture using reclaimed timber.

My name is David Thomas I am 55+ a husband, father and step father of 6 grown up kids , a very proud granddad of 6 grandkid's and the heart and soul behind Simply Bathrooms. Working full time as a bathroom store manager I was asked several times if we had any timber tables to sit a basin on ? and the answer was always no !The seed was planted, several weeks later I'm setting up my first work space in a friends garage and using the tools I had collected over a lifetime of DIY I completed my first unit.Fast forward 3 months and 9 sales later I move into the real world and rent a unit, giving me the space I need to push on and open my first Etsy shop as well as selling through the bathroom showroom that I still work full time !
2017 Update
Just over 14mths from building my very first washstand and opening my very first Etsy shop this has now become my full time job amazing !A big thank you to all my customers
David Thomas